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Cycle of Violence

Abuse may seem unpredictable. However, careful observations of battering incidents have proved that often there is a predictable pattern to the abusive outbursts. The pattern, or cycle, happens many times over a relationship. Each phase may have different lengths of time, and over time the level of violence seems to increase in severity. It’s important to note that not everyone’s experiences are the same. As well, not all violent relationships fit the cycle.

Typical Cycle of Abuse

As shown in the graphic, the cycle of abuse has 5 steps.

  • Step 1 Excuses – I explain away the problem.
  • Step 2 Honeymoon – Things seem great.
  • Step 3 Routine – We return to the routine.
  • Step 4 Tension – Tension is building.
  • Step 5 Trigger – Something sets off the abuser.
  • I face more abuse. The abuse occurs, my self-esteem drops and the cycle of abuse starts over again. I make excuses.


THANS is pleased with the announcement of the new Canada-NS Targeted Housing Benefit for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence. This new, short-term benefit is targeted at individuals or families that have or are planning to leave their homes due to acts of GBV, including verbal, emotional, spiritual, sexual, physical, mental, and financial harm.The program is open to all women, girls, and 2SLGBTNBQQIA+ individuals (such as people of sexual orientations other than heterosexual). To be eligible, you must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident living in Nova Scotia, 19 years of age or older, be renting a housing unit (not in public housing), and not currently receiving a rent supplement.For an application form and more information, visit the link in our Linktree (or go to find a transition house nearest you, visit (link in bio). You can also call 211, or our 24/7 provincial helpline at 1-855-225-0220.[ IMAGE DESCRIPTION ]There is a dark green border around a blue square. Near the top of the blue square is a brown rectangle with white writing that says “Announcement!” Near the bottom, in white writing, it says, “Canada-NS Targeted Housing Benefit for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence.” In the middle, between the two rectangles, is a drawing of two hands framing the outline of a vaulted roof with blue clouds, suggesting the person is building a home. ... See MoreSee Less
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Third Place Transition House
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Third Place Transition House
Hi folks! We are reaching out to our community in search of a microwave. If you are able to donate one in support of a woman in need, please reach out to us at 902-893-4844. Feel free to share widely! ... See MoreSee Less
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