Third Place Transition House for Truro, Colchester and East Hants

Safety Planning

What is a safety plan? When you are considering leaving an abusive situation, there is a lot to consider so it is best to think ahead for what you might need in an emergency. A safety plan is something you develop in advance to help keep you organized and safe when and if you decide to leave. Things like having important paperwork kept in one spot, having a “go bag” ready with clothing, extra medications, or children’s toys. It should also include information of where the safest place to call from help in your home is, what doors lock, the quickest route to the front door as well as trusted people you might set up a code word with. Each plan is unique and dependent on the situation.

You can call us anytime to help build a personalized safety plan at 902-893-3232 or use the tips below to make your own.